Yogic Concepts: Sattva, Sauca & Seva 

Sattva, meaning "purity" is the most rarefied of the three Gunas (principals of universal nature). To purify ones surroundings is an invocation of Sattva. Just as a sattvic diet promotes mental clarity, health and vitality, a sattvic environment strengthens lucidity and awareness, making a refined, sophisticated and intelligent Yoga practice possible. 

Sauca, meaning “cleanliness” is the first Niyama (personal observance) referring to both external cleanliness and internal purity of the mind, body and spirit. While the physical Yoga practice, the heat and the sweat purify us internally, to remain reverently attentive to the cleanliness of our bodies, our mats, our studio space, our surroundings and the environment at large is to practice Sauca externally. The practice as a whole clears the mind and the senses toward the development of focus, concentration and the joyful awareness needed for self-realization.

Seva, meaning “selfless service performed for the greater good” is a revered yogic concept and devotional practice. Practicing Seva in the spirit of reciprocity and gratitude for one another opens the heart and fosters wellbeing for both self and community. 

Thank you for your dedication to the practice of these
important yogic principles, that a culture of reverence,
purity and beauty may grace our beloved sanctuary
and bless all who practice with us.