We offer many options so that each yogi can customize a program that suits them best both financially and in frequency of practice.


Memberships are ideal for those who average 2 or more classes per week, class packages are best for those attending less frequently and, of course, we offer one-time passes. We suggest registering for an Account to all students who prefer the ease and convenience of signing for things like water and sundries.


Check back regularly for our new monthly specials and incentives. Register for an account, join our email newsletter or connect with us on Facebook for surprise discounts, news and updates.




Practice 2 or more times per week? Take advantage of savings with a Membership.

Bikram Hot Yoga is designed to be practiced daily, a common misconception is that the body needs a day of rest between classes. Not true for this practice. We've found that a 3-5 class per week regimine is ideal for most practitioners and bet you'll find the difference between taking 2 classes and 3 classes per week is surprisingly profound.


First-time Yogi Incentives

We love absolute beginners and newbies! Local, first-timers please enjoy:


First-day Special: Get 2 weeks Unlimited for only $50 or one month for $89  + 15% off all retail purchases on your first day to the studio.

One Year Unlimited pass: only $999 (SAVE $500!)*- AVAILALBE FOR IN STUDIO PURCHASE YOUR FIRST 14 DAYS ONLY!

12 Month for $100/mo: Monthly auto-debit (SAVE over $300!)* - AVAILALBE FOR IN STUDIO PURCHASE YOUR FIRST 14 DAYS ONLY!

Visitors from out of town who come frequently buy the unlimited that matches their habit and new visitors usually start with a week which is $60.  Non yearly residents may not purchase our first timer incentives above as they are for the local community only and because we are less than two years old.  Our normal packages and unlimited series are best for visitors who frequent and we hope you do!

 Monthly Auto-draft Contracts


12 Month Commitment $125/month
Our most popular membership includes 15% off all retail and workhsops during term. Ideal for yogis who plan to practice two or more times per week. 12 month commitment required.


6 Month Commitment $150/month
Save $150 over buying month to month for the same timeframe, this 6 month option is ideal for the seasonal yogi who is not able to purchase the 6 month unlimited class pass option below, but plans to visit 2 or more times each week and wants to take advantage of the savings.





Unlimited Yoga


One Week $65

One Month $180

Three Months $475

Six Months $800

One Year $1,500
Includes 15% off all retail and workshops during year term.


One Year Yoga Couple $2,200 




Class Series Passes

This option offers the best savings for those who attend an average of 2 or less classes / week. 


5 sessions $95.00


15 sessions $260.00


30 sessions $450.00


75 sessions $750.00


Single Class Passes

Just passing through? Join us!

1 class anytime $20.00

FT Student/Senior Single Class Pass $15.00





Sundries Accounts

Don't like to travel with cash?  Pre-purchase retail credit, so that you can leave your wallet at home and buy beverages and other retail items with your account balance.  Our regular practitioners enjoy the convenience sundries accounts provide.  Available in $50, $75 and $100 denominations,  create an account now or at the studio 30 minutes prior to class.





We offer mat rental, although we strongly encourage purchasing your own and recommend those designed to be most antimicrobial and last longest in heat.

We sell water, coconut water, juice and other sundries, practice apparel and some excellent literature.  We do not accept credit cards for anything under 20.  Most yogis set up accounts so they never have to bring or deal with money transactions at the studio.


Most imortanty, however, we want you to find the best yoga package for you. Hot Bikram is a lifestyle practice and 3-6 times a week is ideal. No longer a luxury, yoga is proving to be a true necessity for healthfully navigating the complex and often stressful world in wich we live.  And when you consider that a daily yoga practice at Hot Yoga Jupiter can cost less than $3/day and an average $5 a visit for those coming regularly-- and most options cost less than a semi-regular Starbucks habit in dollars, not to mention untold calories -- why not?!

This is about healthcare, about living longer and in a happier, more peaceful state.   We hope our fees can get and keep you there and we strive to have options to accomodate everyone.



Payment Policy

PLEASE NOTE: to minimize time waiting at the reception desk and to ensure a timely class start, we do not accept card charges for less than $20.  We ask that all in-studio purchases be made from 30-20 minutes prior to class time or online prior to coming. All purchases are nonrefundable, nontransferable and final – no exceptions.   Also, to ensure a timely beginning, doors are locked 2 minutes prior to class start time so please plan accordingly.

Yoga to Go 

Have a need for a private lesson in your home, or a special or routine group lesson?  We can bring yoga to your home, clubhouse, or gathering spot and/or custom design a class for you at our facility.  

Further, we offer uniquely tailored discounts to corporate groups and associations joining with 8 or more students


Email our Diector, Cassie to make arrangements for any special needs.