Cassandra (Cassie) Aitken, Director
Yoga Lifestyle Coach & Private Lesson Coordinator
ERYT 500

“Function before form.
Form before depth.
Breath before everything
and Everything to your own degree.”

With 2 decades experience, I can really relate to and support the needs and abilities of a broad age range of students and I deeply enjoy helping people to meet themselves on the mat, at whatever stage they find themselves in life’s journey.

My classes are simple, focused on listening to your body & honoring yourself, combined with an awareness of breath and a strong physical element-- all things to your own degree! My goal is to get you out of your head and into a place of feeling. My classes are about working hard -sensitively, safely- about feeling good and finding the stuff that matters, and about taking care. The focus includes strength, balance, flexibility but most of all the practice is about cultivating a calm and peaceful mind. The focus is health.

I hope my students connect to something deep but I also want them to have the time of their lives on that mat. I want people to dissolve boundaries, exceed expectations and become happier, healthier human beings, lead by the way they feel instead of the way they think.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve the community by sharing in the healing practice of yoga and the sheer magic of the hot yoga series. As a teacher, I know I will forever remain a student. I plan to teach and practice yoga for the rest of my life and I thank all of the students, past, present and future, for inspiring me daily.

“Cassie is one of those rare people you meet with whom you feel an almost instant heart connection. There is a glint in her eyes that tells of an inner-wellspring of joy and a hint of girlish cheekiness. Her presence is one of yogic lightness developed through over twenty years of regular yoga practice.”

Cassie is the founder of of Global Yoga and Yoga Brain, and founded and directed Hot Yoga Nashville for 8 years prior to relocating to Jupiter.

By drawing on her own diverse Yoga and Ayurveda education, ranging from Vinyasa to Hot/ Power to Anusura to Ashtanga, Cassie creates classes that are informative, engaging, friendly and alive with enthusiasm. Cassie has participated in a multitude of global intensives and advanced trainings with dozens of modern masters including: Erich Schiffmann, Baron Baptiste, Bikram Choudhury, Annie Carpenter, Sean Corn, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Max Strom, and Rolf Gates. Still, Cassie believes the Hot 26 series is the ultimate lifetime yoga practice and she plans to teach and practice yoga for the rest of her life.

Cassie instructs the following:
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Standard 90 minute Bikram Series however we pride ourselves in not offering rambling dialogue and like to have a little more yoga, in our yoga....
    ALL LEVELS. This Hot Yoga class is offered as a 90 minute class consisting of a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises practiced in a heated room; designed to balance every system, gland and organ in the body, it will change your body from the inside out. You will sweat, stretch, strengthen and smile brightly at what you are capable of! All classes are taught by certified and experienced teachers who know how to guide and support students at any level. Be warned that this class is addictive and known to change lives! This is our core yoga class offering and we strongly believe that this practice is a lifetime prescription for real health and absolutely suited for all ages and levels of ability. We encourage all of our students to take this class several times a week if not every day and our fee structure is designed to accommodate this. Every student practices to his or her unique level of ability and every moment is about taking care sensitively.

  • Bikram Yoga Express 60 Led
  • Hot Yoga Jupiter will now be offering new 60-minute Express Bikram Yoga classes only a few times a week per our overwhelming requests. It is close to the  same 26 postures and two breathing exercises as a traditional hot yoga class, but just a shorter format and is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. This is perfectly acceptable as a first class but it is better as a second  The teacher Fridays (most if not many first timers)  will practice with you, queuing you in a follow the leader format.