Sarah and Rachel Byerly, Co-Owners

Some people practice yoga for the endless physical benefits. Some simply to get away from it all for even just an hour or two. Some for peace of mind and serenity of being. For us, it was so much more. Yoga transformed our entire lives. Five years ago one could find us running around with no direction. Having worked mostly in a bar/club atomosphere where vanity, self indulgence and toxicity ran rampant we were left feeling lost, unhappy and overall discouraged.  Knowing we were over that phase in our lives but not yet knowing where we wanted to go from there, a mutual friend took us to a Bikram yoga class. Given our intensely athletic background; ranging from gymnastics, swimming and track, not to mention our extreme competitiveness, and determined attitude, we were instantaneously hooked. It was that day we endeavored to complete 30 in 30 (thats thirty days of consecutive practices). We couldn't believe how much we felt at home in the hot room, surrounded by such light and positivity. Our adulthood, thus far, was such a polar opposite in nature and substance…literally. Negative thoughts turned to positive thoughts. Self criticism turned to acceptance. Alcohol turned to coconut water, and so on, ad infinitum. It was only after going deeper in our own personal practice, finding peace within ourselves where we found we enjoyed sharing this practice with everyone around us. For a while, you might have thought we were those incorrigible optimists... talking, eating, breathing yoga day in and day out ...we still do, but we may have mellowed out a bit  :) 
Bikram yoga teacher training happened for us in fall of 2013. We could talk forever on the ridiculous and amazing experience that was, but that would be to digress. After working with several Bikram studios nationwide we learned the ins and outs of a successful studio, knowing in our hearts that our ultimate goal would to own a studio of our own. Timing was never right. Still on an endless search for self discovery and exploration we taught and practiced for three years. We began to love ourselves more than we thought possible, and that love was then able to be passed on to the many students who we like to believe caught on to our unrelenting need for self examination, acceptance, and improvement. It wasn't until may of 2016 that an opportunity presented itself that would change our lives in a very profound way. Within a matter of a month our dream of being studio owners came true, and now we truly live a life of happiness and unending gratitude. Because of our yoga family and our passion for this practice, we don't have to worry about "working".
Every day in the studio is a welcome blessing.

“Function before form.
Form before depth.
Breath before everything
and Everything to your own degree.”