Getting Started 


Hot Yoga Jupiter loves absolute beginners and promises to do everything possible to make your first class with us as positive an experience as possible. Everything we teach and do is rooted in the philosophy of taking care, sensitively.


According to our Director, Cassie, in almost 10 years of managing Hot Yoga Nashville, and now almost two here in Jupiter, she never met a student who practiced consistently during his or her introductory period, who did not become a life-long practitioner.   This is a strong testament to this yoga.


We encourage you to come to as many classes as you can with our Introductory Specials, so that you can  adjust to the heat and begin to see and feel significant physical and emotional positive changes that keeps our more experienced set returning 5-7 times a week.  Please also note the specials available to new yogis their first two weeks because we do not want you to miss these deadlines if the yoga path becomes yours.  And our Director, Cassie, is available to meet with each of you to give you a mini private or tune up and help you decide which package is best for you.   Just call Cassie and schedule this optional 20 minute gathering at 561 339 7090 for any non class time that is convenient as you near the end of your first two weeks of practice with us.

FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WITH A FEW PRIVATE SESSIONS before you join the class?  Call our Director, Cassie directly and schedule a series of 3 60 minute intro sessions for you, or you and a friend at the reduced rate of $199.  This includes a week of regular yoga classes as well.





New Student Guide


Here are some suggestions to help you in your new journey.

Pre-Registration/ Buy Online

This is strongly suggested, but not required. Suggested because the number of online registrants gives our team an idea of the class size, so we can staff accordingly to care for you best and you can focus on your yoga and find some time for contemplation and peace rather than financial transactions while in our sanctuary. Our secure online system allows you to make purchases, see your transactions, print receipts, check your class attendance and change any account information securely from your home computer.


For times you have questions on which series to buy and whenever you are unable to purchase online, our reception is opened to you 30 minutes prior to class start times and we ask that all purchases are completed 15 minutes prior to class.


What to bring

We rent mats and towels. We sell water, coconut water, organic juice and cleanses on occasion, mats, yoga towels and great clothing. This means you can come to us in the most disheveled and unprepared state and we will return you to the world serene, happy and ready for anything. Or you can bring all these things yourself. Either way, you will need water, a mat and a large towel or two and super light clothing- in fact dress like you’re going to the beach.

Adjusting to the Heat
Give yourself about 10 classes in close to two weeks to adjust to the heat before drawing any conclusions. Everyone is different but 5-10 is usually what people report and many adjust fully in 3 classes. If you want to hear challenging heat adjusting stories, speak to our Director and teacher, Cassie, who will share her unpleasant physical reactions to the heat her first week! This was 15 years ago and she still remembers all of the details. However, two days into it, Cassie committed to and completed 60 classes in 60 days and remarks it changed her life.
Be on Time
We lock our doors two minutes prior to class start, so all can be in the class mentally as well as physically, when it begins. Ideally you want to arrive in time 5 minutes prior to class, in total relaxation, lying on your mat in the yoga room. If you arrive late, the doors will be locked and you will have to return for the next class. We feel strongly that missing the first breathing exercise, with its purpose to center and prepare the body and mind for class, is a disservice to the practitioner.


Entering the Space

Please remove your shoes at the entry and only bring in what is absolutely necessary. Please leave cell phones, pagers and alarms in your car and refrain from using these unless you have an emergency. Most regular students set up accounts of $25-$100 so they can draw from this for sundries or retail and can leave their purse or wallet at home.

Storage & Showers

We have several cubby areas and shelves for storage and two showers in each locker/changing area, which remain opened 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes following each class.


The Yoga Practice Room

Please bring only your mat, water and towels into the practice room.

We ask that you refrain from speaking in the yoga practice room. By all means, we want you to chat with your friends and fellow students before or after class, just please do so outside of the yoga practice room.


Yoga is a “practice” & about taking care of yourself

We all come to yoga with a different set of expectations...we promise, yoga will never cease to challenge you! There will be days when every posture comes with ease, and days when you feel frustration. Our yoga classes will meet you where you are, so let go, listen to your body, and most importantly, do what feels right for you.


Give yourself permission to take breaks

At HOT YOGA Jupiter, we believe the most important part of any class is you! If you need to take child's pose or a sip of water, feel free. As any teacher will tell you, a healthy yogi/yogini is a happy one!


Don't look for perfect postures,  look for healthy postures

Your body is unlike any other and we are all at different levels of practice and ability; your postures may not look like anyone else's in class and that is okay. All of the benefits come from the effort and finding and honoring your unique spot in each posture- where you feel challenged to your own degree and can balance effort with ease. If contorting ourselves into a pretzel were the goal, we would all be flocking to Cirque du Soleil for answers, right? We strongly suggest each new yogi attend one of our foundation workshops during their first few weeks of practice to help expedite a strong understanding of the practice as well as to help expedite results.


It is Important to stay for the entire class

The entire class leads up to a final savasana (rest) and this last posture, resting, is the most important. This is when your body absorbs all the magic of your hard work. Ideally you will spend 10 minutes in this relaxation pose when you can. If you have an exceptional circumstance and you must leave early, inform the instructor of this prior to class and practice by the entry door so that you can leave with minimal disruption.


Our studio is recognized for it's cleanliness

Please leave your space as you found it.  If a class follows, please clean the floor around your mat before leaving, so there is no wet spot or puddle. Bring a large towel or two to accommodate this. We have extra towels to lend if needed.


Talk to your fellow yogis

The yoga studio environment is a magical space. Everyone is in such happy and calm and peaceful place. Experienced yogis love to help new yogis out with special stories and suggestions in starting a practice. They know what yoga gear is best, which hydration systems are preferred and lots of special insider secrets.



Showers are really “rinses,” Shower/changing areas close 30 minutes after each class. Please respect other students and limit your short rinse to a minute or two.



Replenish with water and electrolytes! Drink more than you think you need throughout the day and after each class. Remember, your level of hydration during a class is determined by your intake in the previous 24 hours.


After Class

We suggest keeping your voice quiet and spending some time post class noting and celebrating the calm and clarity and peace and positivity you feel from your practice. We practice often to stay in this magical peaceful place as long as possible and in theory forever one day.


Wash all your yoga gear and pack up your bag so it is ready for tomorrow’s class! A regular practicing yogi typically has two mats, as one should be washed every couple of days and ideally hung to dry, while the other mat is in use.


Look for changes

The first few months into your journey are the most exciting. You will see and feel changes as your body restores itself to balance through your regular practice.



Listen to your body communicate to you in the form of sensation. If you are extra tired, allow yourself to sleep more; if you are not tired at all, stay up a little later. If you are ravenous, eat, and if not so much, have a light salad. It is also important to return to class regularly. If you can, try to practice every day- you do not need a day off to rest your muscles. If this is not possible, a strong practice is 3-4 times a week.




PLEASE Stay on Top of Studio News & Specials

Especially as a newer studio, we will be routinely growing our class offering, announce fundraising events, and offer promotions to celebrate our new community. Be sure to register your email as many of our incentives are only announced through email correspondence. We promise we will not slam you with lots of talk, in fact, we firmly believe in taking time used typically on a computer or watching TV and converting it into time in nature, yoga or hobbies which are soul nourishing. But we do have flash sales on our facebook page from time to time so if this interests you, check in there too!




New Student Promotions
Nothing will be a better price than special incentives we offer to our local, first time students.     VIEW SPECIALS