Maureen Condon, Ph.D., LCSW | May 2014



Your e-mail [newsletter] message was FANTASTIC!  Thank you for all that you do and the amazing studio you have opened here in Jupiter.  I am celebrating my ONE MONTH today and will be a lifer. :)

The benefits I have received and continue to began IMMEDIATELY; after my first class I experienced such a sense of peace and tranquility that I just had to sit on the bench and absorb it.


I know that I am lifer due to:

-The COMPLETE relief from the pain in my knee, I am a 6x marathoner and 2x triathlete, so my knees with over 32 years of jogging have become a little noisy. After a month of consistent classes at HYJ I am pain free.


-The classes challenge me in a way that NO other physical movement has, it is SO much more than the physical challenge, it is the mental and spiritual exercise that is so UNIQUE.


-The stress it has relieved by providing me with a space and place to relax my mind and LET GO in that 90 minutes has been transferred to my life outside the studio.


-I was actually asked if I had some work done on my face!  The glow is evident, it illuminates your face.


-Now this last one is SO precious to me; for the first time EVER in my life I see a stomach muscle. :)


With this being only my first month, I can't wait to see what next month brings. My partner said he is going to join in June which is so exciting to me!


Kara | High School Student, March 2014


I began Bikram Yoga at the age of 17. I wanted to try this newly popular form of exercise to get active and maybe shed a few pounds as well. However, I didn't expect a lifestyle change. But I was invigorated with an exercise unlike anything else I've ever tried.

While in high school I ran cross country and I thought that nothing could compare to the feeling of crossing the finish line in a highly anticipated race, but being in that hot room going through the strategically designed postures, gave me that high again. I'm now 18 years old and I'd consider myself a busy person. I'm finishing my senior year of high school, I participate in college classes, I play lacrosse, balance a social life and I work, but I make the time for my yoga practice, because it's genuinely that important to me. I've never been involved in any type of exercise that I yearned to do daily. My body desires the benefits of the yoga, which means it's working.

I'm a true advocate of this exercise, and I'm proof that anyone, at any age can participate in the yoga. The hot yoga has helped me maintain a healthy weight, and gain a positive outlook on life. The teachers are truly inspiring and concerned with each student's personal journey. Hot Yoga Jupiter is a nourishing studio, you come and you try, the yoga is for you and your body, there is truly no judgement, regardless of age, skill level, or effort. I've never been a part of such a good thing, in all aspects, but I've found that positive supplement in my life through Bikram Yoga at Hot Yoga Jupiter. 



Nora Shabayek |  Feb 2014

Fahrenheit Yoga Studio Owner & Director


I have had the true honor of studying under Cassandra Aitken from the perspective of a student, a teacher in training and as an apprentice. Although words will never fully capture the sheer genius of who she is, my hope is that they point you in the direction of an experience. 


Cassie teaches with the heart of a child and the spirit of one thousand wild horses; wide open and fiercely free. Her classes are well thought out, clearly delivered, dynamic and interesting.  Her profound ability to deeply move every person she comes in contact with is, in and of itself, a lost art. Her classes have a way of inspiring you and bringing you to your knees so that you start living from that place.


Cassie embodies the principles that she teaches and her natural way of offering suggestions and encouraging growth comes with such a grace and ease that it often feels like talking to an old friend. She generously shares her energy without expectation or judgment and has a deep empathy and understanding of her students' bodies, their limitations, injuries, strengths.


The pièce de résistance is her gift, one that I have never witnessed in a yoga teacher - a direct connection to her students' central nervous system.  When she leads you into a pose your cells, your nerves, your muscles, your soul, all obey.  It is like she channels her energy into your body and for that moment you too are the teacher. 


In addition in being a naturally gifted teacher, she is an equally brilliant businesswoman. During my apprenticeship under Cassie at her previous studio, Hot Yoga Nashville, I developed a newfound respect for this woman.


Cassie’s former studio, Hot Yoga Nashville, was voted by the Nashville community the best yoga studio in town 8 years in a row (keep in mind Cassie owned it for 8 years). It was the first and only hot yoga studio in Nashville during the time she was in Nashville.  It was only after she sold the studio did anyone dare to open another- insert an ‘lol’ here please.  Why?  Because we all knew better. ;)


Cassie didn’t just teach me the business side of yoga, she also taught me a way of doing business that is in itself, yogic. The following year I opened Fahrenheit Yoga Studio, in Brentwood, TN.  I can honestly say that without the inspiration I received from my apprenticeship with Cassie the studio would not exist.


At the end of my life, if I were asked to name the one person that shaped me the most, it would be her. 


With my whole heart,



Dr. Lisa Sykes, OD | Nov, 2013


I am calmer, more focused and feel so much stronger in body and mind. I can not tell you how much this has helped me in my work and home life.



Ree Guyer Buchanan | President/Owner Wrensong/Reynsong Jan 2014


Cassie's Hot Yoga has changed my life, I went for the physical benefits at first, it totally toned and firmed up my body, but I have continued to go four to five days a week for the psychological benefits, Hot Yoga is my prozac! 


Lisa Perkins-Ramsey | VP, Disney Music Publishing-Nashville 10/2013


Hot yoga is the best workout for me!  It's challenging, and intense....while being a great stress reliever.  It makes me feel strong and confident, and amazingly relaxed afterword.  With my high stress job, I don't know how I could manage without Hot Yoga!  Losing weight and feeling great is an extra bonus! 


Enzo Sinatra | March 2012


How can I measure progress with this hot yoga? All I can say is that I am more at peace, have less desire and need for food, feel more relaxed and joyful. All of this after the first ten minutes of class. I'm kidding. This approach demands discipline, relaxed effort, and some good sweating. I feel fortunate to have access to Hot Yoga. I know that my life has changed for the better and the same effect can be obtained by anyone willing to show up and do their work. Yoga-union with Self.  This is where the magic happens.



Brett Romberg | Center, St. Louis Rams Sept 2012

If definitely makes the body feel a lot better. The Yoga's great, I hope they start implementing it in St. Louis.


Steve Watterson | Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tennessee Titans  Sept 2012


Some of the biggest benefits that yoga provides are strength gained through the positions they have to hold, flexibility from the positions they place the body into, and the ability to control your breathing.


When a player is on the field there is a lot of adrenaline going and believe me, we as coaches want that adrenaline, but we want it to be controlled -- both physically and mentally controlled -- and that's what the yoga lessons help to provide.


Patricia Fields | July, 2009


I am a 67-year-old female who has exercised more than the average person over the years. I have made a number of attempts to learn yoga and each time became frustrated when I was unable to make progress or when I did, the postures I was familiar with were not the ones being practiced. Over the last fifteen years, I have had severe sciatic problems, several knee surgeries and for at least a year before I had my first yoga class, I had to think about how far I would have to walk before I would attempt an activity. X-rays of my spine revealed multiple cracks from Osteoporosis and I had lost three inches in height. I had allergy related asthma and had to take prednisone three or four times for the last five years. The prednisone helped the pain in my back as well as my breathing.


A young friend asked me to go with her to "a new kind of yoga" one Sunday morning in May of this year (2003). I have not taken prednisone in the past seven months; I have lost weight and gained a half-inch in height. I no longer think about how far I have to walk. I am an educational consultant and have plenty of energy for three jobs. My visit to my doctor yesterday confirmed my low blood pressure, clear lungs, loss of weight and a gain of one half inch in height. I wish I had found hot yoga years ago but am thrilled to have this opportunity to invest in my health.


Helen Neuhoff | July 2009


"Thank you Cassie. I have never felt better and stronger than now, after practicing hot yoga for only 1 month. It has been 4 years since my back (disc) surgery and 5 months since knee (cartilage) surgery. I gardened all day and wasn't sore a bit the following day. I moved at least 15, 40 pound bags of topsoil and mulch and planted many plants. What a great feeling! Thank you for having Hot Yoga in Nashville. My friends in Huntsville and Palm Springs are jealous- they don't have it available to them in their cities."



Bernie | June, 2009

I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to help myself.


As you know, I started HOT YOGA because the pain of arthritis had gotten to a point over the past twenty years where it was having a real negative impact on my quality of life. Some mornings it would take up to an hour to "loosen" things up enough to take on daily tasks. Although I could complete the tasks, my flexibility had gotten so bad that simple things like tying my shoes, buttoning buttons and just getting up and down were somewhat of a chore.


The worst part was that my golf game had gone down the drain. It had gotten to the point that I was "slapping" at the ball instead of swinging at the ball. That is definitely not good for your game. I figured this was just something that happened with arthritis as I got older (61). I moved up to the senior tees in hopes that that would improve my game. However, the pain and lack of ability to turn on the ball still lead to higher numbers until I hit the three digit mark. I was no longer able to enjoy the game. Golf was my father-son activity and I did not want to give it up.


Cynthia came home from work one day and told me she had heard about HOT YOGA. Rrrrrright! It would be good for us. Rrrrrright! It was something we could do together. Rrrrrright! It says here that it can improve your golf game. I'm there. That was four months ago. We scheduled a private lesson with PJ as we did not know exactly what we were getting into or whether at our age it would be right for us. That hour with PJ sold us on giving it a try. We signed up that day.


Today some things have changed. To start with I feel so much better. I can get right out of bed and easily start the day. I am sleeping much better. I have not had an arthritis flare up this spring (highly unusual). I am almost pain free. My golf scores are on the way down, drastically (currently averaging 86). I don't have to twist around to back up the car. I can just look over my shoulder. My posture has greatly improved. Cynthia continues to lose weight and firm up. So far she has lost two dress sizes. We both anticipate continued improvements over time but probably not at the same rate.


Thanks to you and your entire staff for your patient and caring support in helping Cynthia and I improve our quality-of-life.


Now if there is just something you can do about this balance problem I have!




Yoga Facts:


Hot Yoga is not something you do. Hot Yoga is a practice and when nurtured, it becomes a lifestyle. Hot Yoga is about getting on your mat consistently, not knowing what is going to happen each day and being okay with that. Hot Yoga is healthcare. Hot Yoga is for anyone interested in longevity.




Yoga Facts


Hot Yoga is not about tying ourselves into knots. Most of us are already all tied up in knots from lifes daily stresses; and yoga is about untying the knots in our hearts so we can live happier, kinder and more peaceful lives.